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Mayte Dance Belfast

Let's fill the world with dance!

Mayte Dance Belfast was created in 2010, with the aim to make dance accessible to everyone. We provide dance classes, workshops and performances with an inclusive philosophy. All of our dance classes are designed to suit your abilities, from professional to complete beginners. We have the perfect programme for you.

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Belfast, Northern Ireland 


We have the perfect dance programme for you!

Baby Ballet Classes

A wonderful dance experience for the early years. With music and activities designed specifically for the class, children will develop skills like balance, coordination, musicality and aural skills as well as self-confidence. Classes have been created to stimulate cognitive abilities according to each developmental stage.

Mexican dance workshops and performances

Our workshops, classes and performances from Mexico and Latin-America are aimed to inspire you and provide you with a   beautiful dance experience. Our costumes are made by Mexican artisans giving you a visual and meaningful  intercultural experience.

Contemporary dance for young people

A blend of technical and creative dance activities to learn contemporary dance in a safe, non-competitive environment.

Children will develop flexibility, musicality and coordination with a mix of contemporary dance technique.

ages 7-12.

Contemporary dance for all

Enjoyable classes where students will learn to dance at their own level. The tutor will guide you in a safe journey of movement where you are welcome to work at your own pace. Everyone is welcome the only requirement is a love for dancing and sharing. Ages 18+

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