Portfolio of my work 

As an individual I aim to make a difference in the world. I believe that dance is an excellent way to connect with other and with ourselves.  Dance have the power to create worlds, to enhance our well being, to enrich our lives and many other physical benefits for our bodies and souls. With my work I like to show my passion for dance as well as inspire people, either by watching or being part of a dance class or workshop. In this section I show you pictures of me and dancers of the company who are also very good friends. Please feel free to browse through them and get inspired. 
Mindful Flamenco project Mindful Flamenco ProjectShawl movement Celebrating 8th of March International WomenMexican danceDialogos, (Conversations). Intercultural dance, music and poetry from Latino America and Northern IrelandDialogos (Conversations)DialogosMela Festival, Botanic Gardens Belfast 2019Hawaiian DanceSt Patricks day in belfast, Parade

Portfolio of my work Contemporary 

I enjoy creating my own contemporary dance choreography and perform it either in public spaces, art spaces or theatres. I create dances that can be adapted to any stage.  
Flamenco in town BelfastShawl movement

Dance programmes and shows  are available and ready to be performed at your venue. Contact us for a quote and to book us. 

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