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About Me

Mayte Segura

dancer, choreographer, dance teacher

I am a contemporary and Mexican Folk dancer with a Diploma in dance teaching from the British Ballet Organisation. I have a Distinction in Performing Arts from Belfast Metropolitan College, and training from schools around the world. These schools include The Netherlands Dans Theatre, The Place London, Sweden, Belgium and Mexico and this is where I started my dance studies under the direction of renowned choreographer Judith Camero. I have received several awards from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland recognising the quality of my dance work, and they have supported me to continue with this valuable task. I love dancing and sharing my passion for dance and movement with all! My mission is to create a dance environment where students feel comfortable to learn and thrive. In performing I pursuit to inspire and deliver unique dance experiences. picture by Frank Coronado

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All my classes are designed with a mindful approach. The dance technique is taught in an accessible enjoyable manner considering your own needs in a safe environment.  I will use my expertise to bring you a meaningful dancing experience supporting your journey at any stage. From beginners to professional dancers: Contemporary, ballet, Mexican folk and salsa. Contact me to book your class. Private and group classes available. 

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We are available for performances, festivals, shows, corporate events and cultural parties. Our aim is to bring diversity and artistry in a dance performance full of colour.
Mexican folkloric, mambo. latin dance. Workshops, master classes, dance demonstrations. Contact us for details and quotes.