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Financed by Arts Council of Northern Ireland, this short documentary records the creative journey of Mayte Segura (Dancer and choreographer) and Victor Henriquez (Musician). Mat Faris captures their feelings and thoughts while developing together a piece of Dance, music and poetry using their Latin backgrounds and their experiences as migrants living in Northern Ireland. 


Contemporary dance created in collaboration with Mexican Choreographer Judith Camero. It explores the ability of connect and dance together despite the distance that separate us. The piece uses  open landscapes and public spaces in Northern Ireland and Mexico to perform as Theatres were closed due to Covid-19 restrictions. 

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Funded by The Arts Council Ni, explore issues of identity and belonging with Music and Dance  and poetry from Latino America and Northern Ireland. Created in close collaboration by Mayte Segura and Victor Henriquez. Documented by Matthew Faris

Choreographer: Mayte Segura

Music: Victor Henriquez

Dramaturgy: Macarena Lozada

Streaming : Accidental Theatre