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Dance projects

Dance for everyone!

Mexican Dance Belfast Company Performances at corporate events and festivals 

Enjoy watching  traditional dances from Mexico and Latino America.

Get ready to perform with our workshops packages!

Styles like salsa, bachata, cumbia are the perfect team making activity as well as creating awareness of diversity. 


Ballet for well-being. Worskhops and group classes for private companies and individuals

A wonderful ballet class designed to support your staff well-being. Taught in a supportive athmosphere designed to give the body a boost of energy. 

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Mexican Dance Belfast 

Become part of the company and learn  contemporary, ballet and Mexican folk dance in sessions designed to workout your body and your cultural understanding of each dance. 

Weekly classes available contact us for details

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 Dialogos, a journey of dance, music and poetry. 

A beautiful piece of poetry dance and music. Perfect for dance festivals and Intercultural events. Ready to be performed at theatres and can also be adapted for outside venues.

Victor Henriquez ,musician and Mayte Segura , dancer explore together the feelings of isolation, belonging and identity using music dance and words found in Irish and Latin American poetry as a initial stimulus for the creation.

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